Level up your workout experience

Introducing a powerful series of dynamic, high intensity functional training programs carefully curated by our top coaches, designed for those looking for a high calorie burn

Intensity Intensified

Each 45-60 minute session comprises an explosive mix of quick-change exercises between various stations, guaranteed to drive up your aerobic fitness, agility and speed, in addition to conditioning muscles and improving core strength

Track and challenge

Participants are issued with a Myzone performance tracker to monitor their heart rates, calories burned and effort points. These are transmitted in real time on large displays that the coaches use to monitor individual performance, and participants can challenge each other with

Move to the beat

Each class also comes with an energetic soundtrack with pulsating bangers that'll keep everyone motivated and having fun!

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Classes will be periodically updated. We’re kicking off with UFT Season 1 which comprises of 7 power packed classes, each with a different fitness focus.



Hybrid of Cardio & Strength
Incorporating cardio, strength and core work, a total of 45 work sets with 8 warm up and cool down movements before and after the class.

Exercises include Bench Hops, BOSU Mountain Climbers, Chest Press, TRX Squat Jump, Russian Twist, and more.


Fat Burn & Weight Loss
Progressive intensity training that aims to improve stamina through cardiovascular endurance sets. A great boost for fat burn and weight-loss.

Exercises include High Knee Run, Jumping Jacks, TRX Mountain Climbers, Step-up Squats, Chess Pressups, and more.


Muscle Toning & Metabolic Boost
Improve strength through progressive power sets. A great way to get lean muscle mass and a toned physique, plus an increase in metabolic rate.

Exercises include Sumo Squats, Mountain Climbers into Tricep Pressups, Switch Lunges into Twist, Chest Pressups into Burpee into Box Jump, and more.


Athletic Peak Performance Conditioning
Three massive, potent sets involving the entire body, plus will of the mind to raise the bar to an explosive workout! Expect a high calorie burn during this session.

Exercises include Speed Jabs, High Resistance Climb, TRX Chest Pressups, Cross Climbers, Skydiver, and more.


Hybrid of Cardio & Strength
A high energy class which combines many plyometric movements to keep you on your toes. Be prepared for quick transitions and movements.

Exercises include Double Hand Y-Bell Swing, TRX Plyo Deadlift, Renegade Push Up, Asymmetrical Squat, Inverted Crunches, and more.


Kickboxing & Resistance
A blend of kickboxing with an element of resistance training. Expect an intensive functional and strength workout.

Exercises include Jumping Alternating Lunges, Roundhouse Kicks, Upper Cuts, Explosive Push-ups, Alternating Clean and Press, and more.


Hybrid of Cardio & Strength
As the name suggests, things can get pretty unpredictable - in this case, it’s your heart rate. This class integrates 2 different work sets per station; one cardio based and the other, strength.

Exercises include Standing Cycle, 180 Ball Taps, Ice Skaters, Bicep Curls, Stepboard Shuffles, Kettlebell Tactical Lunges, and more