What are some Personal Etiquette to note?

  1. Share your equipment when someone asks politely.
  2. Respond or get help if someone seems to be in trouble – whether they are trying to figure out how to use equipment or are in need of "spotting".
  3. The use of perfume is not recommended as other persons around you may be sensitive or allergic to it.
  4. When you are ill or feeling unwell, do not work out. If you are having a flu or cold, other gym users might catch the virus. Plan your workout for another day as it is more important that you get sufficient rest and exercise safely.
  5. Make use of locker facilities if you have a gym bag. Do not leave your personal belongings on the gym floor or against the wall. You may bring a small pouch to keep your workout essentials (e.g music player etc) along with you whilst you work out.
  6. Wear comfortable attire made from sportswear materials. Restrictive attire such as denims are not recommended as they hinder movement. Sandals or slippers are prohibited during exercise as they do not provide sufficient support and expose your feet to risk of injury.
  7. Do not make inappropriate remarks or behavior in the club including locker rooms. We seek your cooperation to create a neutral and friendly workout environment for everyone.

What is ‘Fitness Club Etiquette’?

To create a safe and conducive workout environment for everyone in the club, we abide by several do’s and don’ts which we call ‘Fitness Club Etiquette’:

  1. Use equipment properly: If you have doubts on using any equipment or setting up equipment, please seek advice by approaching any of our trainers on duty. Correct equipment set-up and use is important to ensure your safety and that of those around you.
  2. Wipe-down after use: For hygiene reasons, use a towel to wipe up mats and equipment after you have used them, or lay your own towel on top of it. Do remember to still check and do a quick wipe after each use.
  3. Do not hold on to/reserve equipment: Remember to return equipment that you are not using, do not accumulate several items around you as you workout. It is not acceptable to place your towel or water bottle to ‘reserve’ them either. Remember to pick up your belongings (towel etc) if you are stretching in between reps, and let someone use the machine before you return for your next set.
  4. Return all equipment and place them in correct order after use: Do not leave your used items on the floor or along the wall after use. It is hazardous and may cause persons nearby to trip or fall. Be considerate to the next user and return all equipment back to their original location and place them in proper sequence/order.
  5. Treat all weights with care: Refrain from dropping or slamming weights down. Even if a thick mat covers the floor, weights get damaged and become imbalanced over time. The weights could also bounce and hurt yourself or someone near you. The loud and sudden noise may also startle and disturb those around you including people in the building directly below/above the club.

What are the Club/Centre Rules & Regulations?

  1. Club Check In: All members must present their membership ID to gain entry and check in to use any of the facilities including attending classes. We seek the cooperation of all members to respect our operational rules (even when you become a regular and all our staff recognise your friendly face!).
  2. Towel Services: Upon entry, each member/guest will receive 1 large (bath) towel and 1 small (sports) towel at the reception counter.
    • To help build a greener future, a nominal fee will be charged for additional towels.  Join us in our efforts to reduce excessive towel usage and contribute to developing a more sustainable world.
  3. View more Centre Rules and Regulations here.

What are some club usage terms to note?

  1. Minimum age: 18 years.
  2. Month-to-month Passes/memberships are not transferable and cannot be re-sold.
  3. Membership Suspensions: Applications for Suspensions must be supported with valid reasons and are subject to approval by the Club. Suspension fees apply and suspension will take effect after ten (10) working days from the date of approval. The Membership period of the Member’s contract will be extended by the same number of months suspended. For Monthly Dues Membership, Members will continue to be liable for the full payment of the membership which is subject to auto-renewal on a month-to-month basis. Backdated suspension requests will not be entertained.
  4. View more Centre Rules and Regulations here.